Spiritual Discussion must be free of $$

I HAVE TO ADMIT I SIMPLY don’t understand how modern ‘teachers’ have the audacity to charge unbelievable amounts of dollars to teach you what you already are. I shake my head in disbelief. I think this has to be a lesson in pseudo-psychotherapy or in a self-serving narcissism. Most of you know I had my bellyful of similar self-serving gurus in the Hindu/Yogic tradition – many of the major names I met personally and who left me cold. As my own path involved Catholicism and Islam in the 1950s with all the heavy duty shame and guilt that I deftly disposed of in the 1980s and never re-visited – I know what I am talking about.

Answer me this – since when did God charge a fee? Where is the need to teach something that is at very core of who we are? At the peril of my own thoughts: do the multiple churches actually charge us to visit their temples of energetic peace? Not really – just a drop of a few dimes into the box will buy us a candle for something that is troubling us, and the box that is passed around.

You do know, of course, that our religious buildings are built on profound principles of energetic magnification – irrespective of the heightened awareness and prayer that we may bring into the vibe. I mean by this that temples and churches are built with sacred geometry to have a profound energetic effect on us – because we are energetic fields at our core.

I will talk about this in a future blog – but will you remind me? I explored this for decades.

But I have become increasingly appalled about many so-called ‘spiritual gurus’; many from the West dressing up in Eastern garb, sitting on a stage, some in a cross-legged position, others floating their brilliance in a 30-minute walk to the stage, charging obscene amounts of money simply for the Hollywood effect. There is one couple  on the modern circuit who took the proverbial biscuit and graced Berlin where I was living, by swanning and swishing into the hall, holding the audience in an enrapt, adoring silence until one of the two individuals lost his temper when he was challenged. You can imagine my reaction – I walked out in full view after suffering 20 minutes of the charade.

There is another who sells photos of his feet on his website for the world to buy and download, so we can all put the image on the fridge and kiss it as we reach for the milk. I wonder if he sells the image on Amazon – I will have it delivered via Prime because clearly it is a representation of the most important pair of mangled bunions in the world. Another charges $10K for a weekend retreat, and another offers a Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer to enlightenment. I thought the latter was normally reserved for toilet paper. An Indian ‘guru’ recently bought a $250K helicopter for himself, and another in the west charges hundreds of $$ for his meditation CDs.

PLEASE be careful. God is free. You are His representation. Just live your life, watch your kids and your loved ones and be sensible. If you project divine wonderment and glory onto another human, this is your own divine glory, etc. There is no other – it is all you.

Be grateful for this moment and rest in the texture of your substance…you will notice the magic and smile.

You know God is you and within you, so listen with your heart.

Loving you,


Selima Gurtler is a distinguished spiritual writer, philosopher, poet and Jnana yogi.

Her modern observations to Self-Realization and Liberation are uniquely flavoured through the perceptive eyes of her Indian and European heritage.

Free copies of her books are available for download here:  https://www.emwpeace.org/publications/

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu are patrons of her work.






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