Papa, Who Am I?

In this e-book, you will learn how the multiple layers of subtle conditioning upon children by parents of different colour and religion caused great identity confusion in a young child.

In this short personal story, Selima Gurtler weaves the passage of her own early life as a solitary cross-cultured child born into a bigoted and racist London in the 1950s and her life search to find herself and to answer the question: “Who am I?” She relates poetically of how isolated and confused she felt because nobody understood or listened as she tried to explain her deepest quest. Which parent’s faith and culture should she follow? How could she alienate one parent when she loved them both so much? Who was she really?

It is a story that will shock the multi-cultured audience of today, as she leads us to contemplate some profound truths we may have overlooked. Deeply moving, she reveals that unconditional love and inner peace are at the core of every human being after we release our conceived identity and allow ourselves to be taken by the majesty of Being.

“His Holiness appreciates the work you are doing in the field of greater understanding between religions. He wishes you continued success in your noble work.”
Office of H.H. The Dalai Lama

“Someone who picks up this book could easily find themselves next reading Darwin, the Upanishads, or Bertrand Russell, the Qu’ran or Spinoza. […] while I was reading this one, I was also reading Wittgenstein’s Tractacus and the letters of Carl Jung, and they were not bad book-shelf fellows. This is an interesting, very moving, intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking book. It has been a privilege to read ’Papa, Who Am I?'”
Editor-in-Chief, Athena Press UK

Extending Life

The Secrets of the Himalayas Revealed to Boost your Life-Force and Extend your Life!

Away from her usual writing-style, Selima opens her diaries and research from all her travels to explain to us the hidden secrets of longevity and the elixir of life.

Selima explains with great humour how ALL the life-practices and writings of the ancient and mystical sages, the yogis and magic men are being borne out today by leading-edge scientific research. It is riveting, inspirational and in parts, electrifying reading.

Viceroys of India

Written by Selima’s father in 1983, and edited by her for modern readership. With letters of commendation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s office and other famous public figures.

It is an extraordinary work of scholarship about the Viceroys of India by an Indian who lived through the British Raj. Thoroughly and meticulously researched in the days before the Internet, the author won the acclaim and praise from Buckingham Palace, Lady Patricia Knatchbull, the elder daughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma,  Jan Morris, the eminent Welsh historian, and Debrett’s among others.

Published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence, the author’s unique slant on the history of the Viceroys offers amusement, dry wit and an acute eye that could only come from an Indian wryly observing the British in rule.

Released as an original manuscript owing to the great complexity of the formatting and exacting attention to detail.

Read Selima’s Introduction to the Revised Edition HERE