Hitting the Dust on the Silk Road

THE WORLD IS QUIET TODAY. It is Sunday in London Town. The rains fell last night so the humidity has lessened, although the flies and mosquitoes have yet to find out. From the top of my hill, as I look out over to Father Thames winding his historical long way to the coast, passing all the courts of the kings and queens of England, coloured little boats are cruising gently on his waters under one bridge towards the next in an appropriately leisurely manner for this day of rest. Families are strolling, ice-creams on one hand, cell phones in the other taking photos from a particularly famous area of natural beauty. Do you know the painting by Seurat, the Post-Impressionist painter, “Bathers at Asnières”? This one….?


It is something like that today without the bathing. My father used to swim across the Serpentine, a tributary of the Thames in London, to impress my mother in the 1950s. I have yet to try and match that.

And rest it must be indeed. I have just returned from yet another trip to Central Asia. I would call myself a wandering sadhu, but money is necessary and enjoyed in my world, so the sadhu idea must come from a previous life. An itinerant nomad, for sure. I have had about 35 different houses in different countries in my time, all of which I have made into real, loving homes, And then life moved me on…

I travelled to the unknown land of Uzbekistan on the Silk Route. When I was standing in front of a glacier in Patagonia last year, two separate couples said to me I had to see the Silk Route. I need no more encouragement than a one-liner, an old compass and a few bucks, and I am off. This exotic, unchartered country is land-locked by five other ‘stan’ countries, directly east of the Caspian. And with a country through which 137 nomadic tribes caravanned through with the camel train carrying sumptuous, exotic wares from east to west, from China to Arabia and the Horn of Africa, and to Europe via the Med., I was in my element looking at the mix of peoples and their beguiling, fascinating faces which were somehow a nuance of Mongolian, Caucasian, Russian and Chinese.

Life was not romantic in those regions, it was damned hard. Temperatures swing from 60C in the summers across the scrub to -40C in the winters. How can we understand that kind of subsistence hand-to-mouth living today? Vodka is drunk a-plenty, and I suppose that alleviates the brutal, harsh realities of the climate on the peoples.

But you know, I had another reason. This is a non-orthodox Islamic country with the most fabulous muslim architecture you could possibly imagine. For those of you who have seen the Taj Mahal in its magnificent splendour, this is the architecture I am speaking of, and I have included some of my photos for you with this journal. I am not often short of words, but the staggering beauty of the buildings left me speechless. One of them housed the oldest Holy Qur’an in the world, something which I found profoundly reverential. The people are almost unspoilt by commercialism, although in the capital, Tashkent, skyscrapers are being built at terrifying speed.

As a Jnani, I perceive things that most people don’t see, and I was looking right into the intrinsic nature of these peoples, disregarding any intellectual analysis. Who are they? What has formed them? Are they happy? The latter I found to be overwhelmingly true. That they follow the dictum of the Holy Qur’an certainly showed me what my father had always told me – that Islam is a way of life. This I needed to see in full bloom in an untroubled muslim country with centuries of uninterrupted and undisrupted habitation, a place where mutual respect, kindness and duty predominates still today, and I tell you, it is absolutely beautiful to see. And how they express their faith and life through dramatic and stupendous cultural art and design was astounding and an absolute privilege for me.

My work through my writings is to reveal the nature of man to you, and to show you happiness and where liberation can be found. Sometimes I do this through duality of the apparent subject/object experience, or from the point of oneness. It depends on my mood. But I write from the pure integration of east and west, and both their canons of spiritual teachings -apparently, that is the journey this lifetime. As Consciousness evolves, and we drop the hold of constructed ideas of the self, these which only the hamper the realisation of who we really are – or what the true nature of our being really is – we start to rise, lighten up and head for complete freedom from the mind.

Talking of evolution of Consciousness, you know, I come across some magnificent minds as I journey on. You may recall when I was plunging through the Gateless Gate, or dissolving into Brahman years ago (my essay of this experience can be found here), my incapacitation was so extreme, I did not know where to turn. In final desperation, I called my Homeopath in London from Berlin where I was living. Three days later, a small envelope arrived, and as soon as I held it, I could feel a tremendous stability within my energy fields. I had been sent homeopathic Hydrogen which, years later, I found out is given to people who are between two worlds, unsure of incarnation where the ego has dissolved, where the scaffolding has collapsed.

I have pursued my interest in this intangible discipline with Indian doctors because Homeopathy has been uninterrupted on the subcontinent for 200 years. Incredible successes are to be found there for all the major diseases. And since my experience of Hydrogen, I trained so that I can use the potentised medicines to clear chakras and energy fields according to my yogic principles for my beloved students who wish earnestly to enquire within to free themselves finally from the tortuous shackles of the mind. I will be talking about that at a later date as I increase the scope of my work.

There are some absurd myths about this Energy Medicine today in the 21st century. EIther that it doesn’t work or that there is no scientific evidence of its efficacy. I am not interested in the arguments against the pharmaceutical companies or the whining of tit-for-tat, I am interested in the nature of man and his health. 

I have the greatest of pleasure to tell you that Homeopathy has been proven categorically to be an evidence-based science. Under many different electron microscopes, millions of nanoparticles of the original substance are found to be circulating within the matrix solution. This has only just been discovered and It thus elevates the discipline into the new, intoxicating world of Nanomedicine in this, the 3rd millennium.

The outstanding doctor, Homeopath, academic and scientist, Professor Dr. E.S. Rajendran of Cochin, Kerala, India has made this discovery in the last few years. It is the scientific proof the proponents of Homeopath have waited 200 years to see. You did read that correctly!

Allow me please to give you his Research page from his website

Professor Dr. E.S Rajendran Research

I am humbled to have an enriching personal dialogue with this great man of science.

Now enjoy these spectacular photos with me as I relive my hitting the ancient dusty trail  on the long Silk Road of yesteryear …. The great statue of the warrior and his dark coffin towards the end of the slideshow are those of Timur, the Turco-Mongol Persianate conqueror who founded the Timurid Empire.


Uzbekistan 2019


With love,



Selima Gurtler is a distinguished spiritual writer, philosopher, poet and Jnana yogi.

Her modern teachings to Self-Realization and Liberation are uniquely flavoured through the perceptive eyes of her Indian and European heritage.

Free copies of her books are available for download here:  https://www.emwpeace.org/publications/

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu are patrons of her work.




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