Awakening seen through the eyes of cultural fusion

The EmW Peace Perspective is a teaching of Self-Discovery and Liberation from a Eurasian woman born in the 1950s who realised her colour, creed and cultural beliefs had NOTHING to do with who she really was.

In her search for God and her true self, she realized she projected preconceived cultural meaning on the world’s spiritual texts both in the west and the east in order to satisfy her longing for absolute truth. This path to wholeness took her over 50 years.

Man has a default reaction to search outside himself to escape his suffering, emptiness and futility. He runs around in circles grasping at straws, imbibing exotic spiritual literature, addictive substances or jumping from this idea to the next. But what is he doing and why?

He seeking to alleviate his gaping, gnawing sensation of in-completion. He is desperate to feel whole and to express his natural boundlessness and joy, and something knowingly deep inside him tells him life is supposed to be complete – and it is that something that he must see and bring to the fore to realize his kingdom promised by all the great sages, mystics and spiritual authors across the eons.


the SECRET is WITHIN  and not on the page of a book

Abiding peace or expression of natural joy cannot be found on the pages of the holiest of religious or canonical texts. Neither can they be discovered by analyzing Sanskrit, Yoga sutras or complex Koans or by undergoing brutal self-flagellation penances because these are mind-games designed to point to the place where there is no mind. The mind has to imagine its own absence, which is a physical and mental impossibility until a complete surrender occurs in humble and complete defeat. It does NOT have to be painful! For most, it is an arising realization like the silent dawn of a new day.

To live in absolute freedom, joy and everlasting peace all constructions of the mind have to be dropped and what remains is YOU – a solitary tall lighthouse casting your divine beam across your mighty oceans.

Unwavering, unflickering, seamlessly still in your profound majesty, you hold the mystery and sacred revelations of this magnificent universe.

Our Publications

Papa, Who Am I?

In this short personal story, Selima Gurtler weaves the passage of her own early life as a solitary cross-cultured child born into a bigoted and racist London in the 1950s and her life search to find herself and to answer the question: “Who am I?”

Extending Life

Away from her usual writing-style, Selima opens her diaries and research from all her travels to explain to us the hidden secrets of longevity and the elixir of life.

Viceroys of India

Written by Selima's father in 1983, and edited by her for modern readership. With letters of commendation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's office and other famous public figures.