Early Reflections – November 2005

I GREET YOU AGAIN WITH the peace message of EmW after a six month sabbatical. In writing my reflections for this month, I am aware particularly of how much of the past half-year has been concerned with major endings in my own life, where I had to find courage to jump into the void, and simply trust in the knowledge the God does not like a vacuum. It was not easy. But the shift within me of acceptance that I could do no more, has also shown me that other gifts even greater will come in to assist me in my life and my work.

The gifts started to arrive just two months into my sabbatical. Interesting that sometimes we work so hard and long in aspects of our lives, without even coming up for air nor by honouring ourselves properly, that we feel half-alive. Then illness steps in, the physical manifestation of the mind/body’s distress. And if we do not pay attention and slow down, the illnesses take over until we finally stop. ‘Good,’ thinks God, ‘at last! Now perhaps the wood will be seen for the trees; time for reappraisal.’

And of course, I had to make the equation that if we are made in the image of God, not to rest and honour myself properly is not to honour God. That amused me, because my work with EmW seeks to honour a peace message to all cultures and faith i.e. it is God’s work. So in overworking for this peace message and succumbing to human frailty, I was not honouring Him. Of course, it was Jesus who made this clear when He said, “Physician, heal thyself”. Yes indeed, manna for thought.

Latterly however, I have been urged by friends and professional colleagues in the world of racial healing to hurry and return to the helm. I have taken my time however as hurrying does not get us there faster. Everything has its own momentum, and things will come when they are ready. As you may have suspected, there is indeed a quantum physics explanation for this too.

So, I leave you with the words of one of our greatest 20th century seekers for peace. In these simple words from a simple man, I find the essence of what I and EmW also seek to bring.

In profound peace,



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