Early Reflections – Letter to His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu

                                                                                                                                             22nd  August 2006

His Grace Archbishop Desmond Tutu,

P.O. Box 1092,


Cape Town 7345,



Your Grace,

I am writing to present to you my philosophical peace organisation, East meets West – The Peace Charity.

Our mission is to promote religious and racial tolerance by providing beautiful multi-faith spiritual retreats for people diagnosed with stress and its related illnesses. At EmW retreats, people will be taught by visiting philosophers from all religions that the message of peace lies at the core of every tradition and faith, and that peace is a common factor in all our religions. EmW seeks to emphasise and maximise this common factor to promote peace in society as our work becomes known.

My charity has been 50 years in the making. My father, who died in 2003, was the oldest resident Indian Muslim from British India in the UK – he held a British passport, and I believe I am one of the first of the generation born in London with a British catholic mother and Indian muslim father. With such a powerful and unique heritage as it was in 1956, I realised as an isolated young child that a great challenge lay ahead as I came to terms with the fact I was very different. During 25 years of major international travel and overseas residencies when I saw and observed the faces of the world, I slowly integrated my heritage and realised I had been given a gift.  It became clear to me that I had a social responsibility to show that harmony between faiths and cultures can be achieved, as I had achieved it within myself through my own philosophical and spiritual reflections. My passions for peace, racial harmony, justice and pure respect for my human brother have manifested into a peace charity for society, East meets West, whose first premise of all is – we are human.

EmW’s work of emphasising the core peace message at the heart of our religions must start now. If we leave it too late, the world’s children will not be able to save the world we are currently creating for them. This would be a dismal failure, and absolutely inexcusable if we are responsible parents and adults, and to emphasise a peace message is completely regardless of what colour we are, or where we live.

I would be deeply honoured if you would kindly give EmW some words of encouragement and support so we can show to the public that we have your blessing for this work.

From London, I send the blessings of peace, understanding and optimal health to you and your family, and to your Peace Foundation, my sincerest support and profound respect.


(Signed in personal hand)






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