Early reflections – June 2006

The absurd denial of the truth is natural to man.

 Man does not want to be, but to appear to be

He does not want to see what he is, but tries to see himself as the person

Other people take him for, when they talk about him.

                                                                                                                        SWAMI PRAJNANPAD

WELCOME TO JUNE! Here in London, it looks as if summer is here to stay which is so appreciated after such a late spring; we all thought that nature it and its people would go back into hibernation after the odd hot day in May.

The quotation I am pondering today is one which is at the very core of our human-ness; the core of what makes us human in society, and how we behave in order to win accord and approval.

The search for ultimate truth has been the guiding theme throughout my life, and the same for my father. In my spiritual book, And Now We Are Three, I question how we arrive at the ultimate truth through Maths, Philosophy, Art, etc. I conclude that love is the ultimate truth, and there are many people who have had mystical experiences and insights similar to mine in 1993, who confirm my mystical happening; that it is the revelation that love is the only truth.

The first time I pondered the essence of the quotation was in 1983. I was on a flight from New York’s JFK airport to Denver, Colorado.  I was reading in French the play, Huis Clos, by the French existentialist, Jean Paul Sartre. As I flew through the Rockies, the idea of needing society as a mirror to understand or experience the self hit me like a lightening bolt. ‘How obvious’, thought I. ‘Why do we do this, and why do we need it?’

These leading questions perturbed me, and led me over the following years into the world of psychology; into the world of Freud and Jung, then logically out of psychoanalysis and into modern psychotherapy as I relentlessly pursued the ultimate truth. For years indeed, I became embedded in the psychological search to understand the human condition so that I could comprehend the nature of God and spirituality. But of course, God is not to be analysed, God IS, and love is God and that was the revelation that was given to me in 1993 as I was pinned into position and immobilised by an extraordinary energetic force which suffused my being with split-second data and knowing, and there was nothing academic about that AT all. Pure God.

As ever, many years on one moderates; one consolidates and integrates. It has been this long search of mine that has brought me to today. I think all this searching has given me the tools to bring EmW to the great number of people who missed that flight from New York to Colorado in 1983.  I missed you too.

In profound peace,






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