Early Reflections – January 2006

I saw them with my bodily eyes

As clearly as I see you

And when they departed, I used to weep

 And wish they would take me with them

                                                                                                         – ST JOAN OF ARC (C.1412-1431)

EMW GREETS YOU WITH THE HOPE and promise of a New Year in which we all pledge for things better within ourselves, and for those we love and for humanity itself. Who knows what challenges this year will bring us, and who knows if we will meet those challenges. We can only hope that we are learning as we become older and wiser.

Today, there is much free talk about angels whereas only 20 years ago to most of us, these angelic beings were unreachable, and found only in the Holy Scripts, but there are increasingly beautiful books and very informative books on the market explaining the angelic realms, and very many from highly respected theological academics who are able to show the great importance of angels in the history of man; throughout art, literature and music, and important to the work of EmW, throughout religions. The Koran says that for every soul there is a guardian watching over it; Plato wrote sometime at the end of 400BC that “the function of the wing is to take what is heavy and to raise it above into the regions above where the gods dwell”, and Socrates himself wrote a little later, “God does not deal directly with man; it is by means of spirits that all the intercourse and communication of gods with men, both in waking life and in sleep, is carried on”.

It is always of interest to trace the history of certain theological and spiritual ideas because so often they can be seen to be common to all the major religions. The Archangel Gabriel for example is a powerful Being present in the ideology of Christianity and Islam, performing His angelic duty not only as written in the Bible but also to Mohammed the Prophet of Islam to whom He revealed Himself. It is a subject of great interest to EmW today because somehow there is some meaning in  this, and as more information becomes available from experts in the field of metaphysics, we are able to put together a better picture of our cosmos, and of the similarity of many of our belief systems. As I say in my introduction to our website, we have to realise that we have many more similarities as fellow beings in this world than we realise. We should embrace these, and ignore the odd difference here and there.

I am indebted to a beautiful book by Eugene Stiles, A Small Book of Angels, Pomegranate Art Books 2006, California which came my way. I also thank all the angels who have crossed my path in my life.

In profound peace











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