Early Reflections – February 2008

“All of our selfish impulses, all of our selfish desires obscure our true vision of the soul

As they only point out our shabby ego.

When we are aware of our soul, we perceive the inner life that surpasses our ego, and that has profound affinities with the whole.”


NAMASTE! HERE WE ARE AGAIN and in London we are experiencing the first real chill of winter. We do not have snow yet here in the south, but I hold a secret yearning to see the flutter of beautiful white flakes gently falling past my window.

My trip to India seems a while ago although, as ever, the high spiritual frequency of that beautiful country stays long within my heart and actually, never leaves me.

I mentioned last month that for some time now I have been meditating regularly and sometimes throughout the night. This is usually because I have lost my sleep for some reason and meditating seemed like a good idea, and certainly preferable to dissecting my to-do list or counting sheep.

Normally, I just observe my breath in silence, but sometimes I chant the beautiful Tibetan mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum. This is really my favourite, and I bought my first CD of this sacred mantra on a dusty road in Kathmandu, I am sure I must have told you before. Mantras hold a resonance that lifts the vibrating energy fields to a higher frequency, and that includes our own energy fields, and the effects of simple meditation have been quite extraordinary.

All of us have overworked brains, and mine seems to fire to red alert far too often! I have particular aversion to so much press-button technology, and we have become a automated, gadget-mad society. It is not good for inner peace! Meditation is simply our answer.

But there is more. Sitting quietly one evening after a yoga class and in meditation, I had a shift – a glimpse of a greater consciousness; I was part of a great, intangible whole. I have experienced this before as I have written in earlier journals, but that was during extreme trauma. This, however, was a first.

Ram Dass, the great spiritual teacher speaks of this phenomena in his recollections ‘Here We All Are’. He relates in an often hliarious turn of phrase his experiences with LSD in the early 1960s when he was a Havard Professor of Psychology. He was duly fired from his post for behaviour unbecoming of a Havard man after his foray into psychedelic drugs, but he then spent the following 40 years of his life in profound meditative states towards enlighgtenment and self-realisation.

Ram Dass, with his humour still engrained with the left-brain/academic sense of the absurd, (one can tell when he starts to speak from pure consciousness because the tone of his voice alters), makes one crucial point. He says: ‘ I was never addicted to LSD, but I was addicted to the experience of Oneness that it produced’. He has spent the rest of his life exploring this transcendental state, now over 70 living near Maui.

Read his wonderful books of the extraordinary and rocky path into the heart of consciousness, beginning in the free-love era of the 1960s. You can find them all at Amazon, as did I.

So, with great love for the gift of meditation, again Namaste…

In profound peace,





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