Early Reflections – February 2006

EMW GREETS THE MONTH of February as gentle flakes of snow are floating across our windows here in London. We are in deep winter awaiting the arrival of the north-east winds from Siberia. Nature is sleeping to recuperate her energies for the burst of springtime life, the birth and rebirth of a season. We are privileged here to still have 4 seasons although spring has become very short compared to when I was a child because of the change in global weather patterns. In other countries of our precious world, Nature is showing us her authority with tempestuous weather changes and cataclysmic geological upheavals challenging us all to reconsider, perhaps, as to who really is in charge.

A few days ago, while I was working at my desk, I looked up. My eyes were drawn to a magpie sitting on a branch outside my window, but it was positioned exactly geometrically in the centre of a window pane, precisely and mathematically central. I don’t know why I noticed it, but I had been thinking about spiritual matters and had shifted into right brain consciousness, and I had actually been in prayer. Suddenly this extraordinary sacred geometry had profound meaning for me, and everything in that moment had the same depth of understanding and explanation. I realised in a second that there is meaning in every little thing that occurs if we just open our eyes and be still. These are meanings which show solutions and at that moment, all fear is lost. Security and love is won. I felt an elation that moved me to tears. For those of you interested in metaphysics and mysticism, I had had an “aha”.

In 1994 during  a time of great ongoing turmoil, as I sat in a chair quietly at 4.00am in the silence of the night, I became aware of a powerful energy force in the room. I rose without intending to do so, and as I stood not knowing why, I was pinned and paralysed by this incredible force so that I could not move a muscle. Then in a flash of supreme recognition of past, present and future; of man’s errors, sickness and pain, I also realised the power of forgiveness, tolerance and humility. I felt I had been standing for eternity, but it must have been less. I have no idea how long I was held in this grip, but suddenly, after I had absorbed these sensations, (because it was not cognitive information, it was sensory), I was released.

I was bewildered by this extraordinary sacred happening, and my friend, the mathematical magpie in February 2006 has reminded me again of the almighty power of the Universe.

In profound peace







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