Early Reflections – December 2005

EMW GREETS YOU AGAIN IN THIS MONTH of December as once again the Christian world prepares for the festivities of Christmas. Here in London, there are signs of a shift of consciousness as more and more people are volunteering to assist charities over the holiday period after a year of dramatic human tragedy and loss to powerful and unpredictable weather patterns, and many more people are questioning the political wisdom of war, if there can be such a thing.

I sense a new uncomfortable awareness developing – people are beginning to observe what happens in a eye for an eye existence, and want to find solutions to ensure peaceful outcomes instead of perpetual contention. Many of the younger generation are so politically aware today, that major change will start as these young aspirants mature to take charge in the next generations. We have to believe positive change will occur because it is only through great, relentless negativity that the pendulum inevitably swings for change. We have to believe in ourselves, and we have to expect to change.

As we understand our own shadow as individuals, and then multiply these shadows to represent the macroshadow, then we can see that if we then recognise the light that is the polarity of that shadow, we can logically multiply this light in to a macrolight to bring about change for our children. Those who see the darkness as the absence of God, will relate to a microlight or macrolight as the manifestation of His presence. There are those who just believe things have to change. It doesn’t matter which we believe.

What we create in our lives is just that – creation, but it affects other people too. So if we can learn the cause and effect of our actions, then we understand a basic law of karma as understood today. It can be CHANGED through will. But let’s also take it slowly, and do it properly. We are human and are notorious for the time it takes to learn. But until we start to shift within, we cannot expect any improvement without. And we all know this on some level.

EmW rejoices in the feast of Christmas 2005, and sends out a message of peace and blessings for the birth of the Messiah.

In profound peace,





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